“If you are missing a passion in life, read up and get inspired to get your hands dirty”

In my blog I want to tell you how I got the gardening bug and share pictures, stories and maybe even some hints about growing things.

me in the garden

Gardening was and still is the light in the tunnel for me. It helped me so much during some dark times and I always turn to it when things get on top of me. I also know many people who feel very much the same about it as I do.

I am not an expert on horticulture, though I am currently studying with the RHS and the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh to attain a good level of understanding of the principles of horticulture.¬†And I just find it so fascinating! Plants are incredible! Strong, resilient and so so clever, it’s unbelievable!

I completely love propagating new plants and won’t pass an opportunity to get a new plant going, for the world! Hence the ‘nursery’ and ‘seed’ section on this page. (details to come!)

If you spot any mistakes or find that your experience is different, feel free to let me know in a way that I can learn from it. It would be amazing to create a friendly and inspirational horticultural community!

Let’s grow some plants!