Long awaited reward.

Meconopsis …you beauty!

I think my long lost plant label that I wrote said 2016. This means that I have started these seeds then, nearly three years ago. I would have pre chilled them first for some months.  I tried it the previous year with seeds bought on line but nothing ever happened with them for so long that I gave up. Then I happened to visit someone who was growing lots of meconopsis in her garden. Some time later she sent me some fresh seeds and that was the key to success. Freshly collected seeds.

This year, is the first time they have flowered. When I got to my client’s garden today and saw them twice the height they were the week before and in full bloom, that was just the best moment.

So my advise for folk who would like to grow them is to find someone who would kindly give/sell you the seeds freshly collected the same season and: ta-dah!!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sue Walters says:

    Wow! How absolutely beautiful…..


    1. ezandman says:

      :-)))) Thanks dear Sue!:_) xxx


  2. phildelmundo says:

    What a beautiful reward for such an effort . Nicely done. I have similar frustrations trying to grow hollyhocks from seeds.
    Thanks for sharing .


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