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  1. ezandman says:

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    I’m growing lemons and clementines and they are beautiful.


  2. tonytomeo says:

    Is a pip a seed? If so, most citrus will not be true to type. ‘Meyer’ lemon is an odd hybrid between an orange and a lemon, so a second generation seedling could be significantly variable, and would likely have loose rind (like that of a Mandarin orange) that would allow the fruit to oxidize. (That is another topic.) Also, seed grown trees will be juvenile for a few years. Some types are very thorny while juvenile. They will not bloom and produce fruit until they mature a few years. There is certainly nothing wrong with growing them as houseplants; and just because the fruit will not likely be true to type does not mean that it will not be good. You can not know what the fruit will be like until it actually develops, and some types are just like their parents. ‘Lisbon’ lemons and their relatives are quite genetically stable, so their seedlings can be indistinguishable from the parents, for example. Heck, you might find that that the fruit of seedlings is even better than that of the parents. Anyway, we graft citrus for a few reasons. For our trees (that we grew back in the early 1990s), the rootstock that they were grafted onto kept them as dwarf trees. The rootstock is also more stable than that of other citrus. Thirdly, the scions (the grafted part of the tree that produces fruit) are taken from mature growth that is less thorny, and ready to bloom and produce fruit right away.


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