“All I ever wanted”

“All I ever wanted”, was the name of my Beautiful Border entry in the Gardener World Live show this year.

To explain, I just wanted a space where I could go nuts and fill it to the brim with lots and lots of plant.

Flowers and plants grown on Skye
Plants grown on Skye by Delonix Designs

I don’t have an ideology to go with my gardening. I just, simply, want to grow plants. I find them fascinating, clever, beautiful and many other things too. I know that it’s the same with lots of other people so it really just feels like being in a very large “club” of plant lovers.

This Beautiful Border competition has given me such an unforgettable experience! It’s been a full on experience which I have to record in writing very soon before I forget the tiny details that made it so special.

Thanks to all my supporters and sponsors for being with me through it. It would have been so much harder, if not, impossible without you all.

All my love. xxx

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  1. Sue says:

    Congratulations on your success, looking forward to reading the full story 😊


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