My plants and I.

Preparing for the show.

As June approaches quicker then I can say “BBC Gardeners World show”, I am madly trying to look after, nurture and care for my plants that I will be taking down to Birmingham to exhibit in my flower border. It’s a constant struggle between keeping them well watered and not too hot but also warm enough so they can photosynthesise well and grow fast enough to become showy and flower at the right time.

2018 GWL logo

The echiums, hollyhocks, vincas, lysimachias are just a few of the plants I have included in my design. I would say at least 60 per cent of the them I am growing myself from seed, cuttings or divisions which is even more work but I wouldn’t have it any other way as propagation is my favourite bit of horticulture.

So watch this space. I will be “plotting” the whole border soon, with the path, planters and the plants and will post a picture of it.

The plant I am hugging in the photo is my beloved echium pininana. Two years old now!

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    Hey! I was just trying to explain to someone what that echium does. When I was a kid, they grew wild along Highway 1, and would get really tall, and then fall over, usually several at a time, when a windy storm came through in winter.


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