House without plants.

House without plants.

My mum always had lots of plants on the windowsills. She would always tell my dad off for “lying in her flowers” when he was sitting at the kitchen table by the window, leaning slightly towards the plants. Now, every winter time, I spread lots of tender plants and seedling trays on our windowsills, until I can take them outside after the danger of frost has passed. For years these were the only plants that we had in the house. Recently though, we have decided to open one of our rooms as a B&B and as we were decorating it, we both agreed that it would benefit from some greenery in the form of house plants. This has improved the space no end! A couple of pots, a Chlorophytum comosum ‘Ocean’ and Adiantum fragrans, bring so much life into that room, that when we don’t have guests, I just love going in and sitting it that it. I also have some young Crassulas, lots of cyclamen and some spider plants in my office room. I wonder if people still grow a lot indoors? Again, a memory of my aunt’s house, when I was a child, is one of more plants then furniture and mum and aunty Mary always swapping cuttings and talking about plants. I wasn’t really that interested then but it’s a very different story now.

Chlorophytum comosum Ocean1


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  1. tonytomeo says:

    Many of the plants I brought with me from Beverly Hills were houseplants because they would not have appreciated the mild frost in Lost Gatos during winter. I normally dislike houseplants, and would prefer to grow things outside, but did not have much outside space at that home anyway. I think that houseplants are more popular with those who lack garden space, but I do not know.


    1. ezandman says:

      It sure is a way of having plants to look after through the winter. Yes, I guess it does seem a bit “unnatural” to have things grow inside. Maybe it’s a bit selfish….?

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  2. Sue says:

    Lovely photo of a beautiful plant…..


    1. ezandman says:

      Thank you dear Sue:-), it’s so healthy looking which makes me happy! x


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