Propagating plants.

Why I love propagating plants and wish more people knew the way it makes me feel.

It’s such a shame I can’t remember the very first plant I grew from seed. I wish I could. I do, however, remember the first two I grew from cuttings and they were: the Antirrhinum ‘Dark Prince and the Argyranthemum ‘Summer Stars’. They are both quite easy to propagate this way and I have been doing it for four years, filling my garden with them.

propagating plants, propagating ivy
rooted ivy cuttings

But I wanted to talk about what propagating plants is really all about for me………………………… . I had quite a long pause here whilst I was thinking of something profound to say but, actually, it’s not going to be profound. It is as simple as ABC.

It makes me happy. It makes me content, peaceful, thrilled and light. It makes me feel blissful and joyful. Ecstatic even if it was a particularly tricky plant I grew. I could of course carry on with the synonyms but I think you get the idea.

And I wish people knew this because maybe then, they would try it for themselves and also feel all or some of the above. Oh, go on my ‘none gardening follower’! Get a packet of seeds! Try something simple like radishes or some annual flowers. Their germination is usually a lot faster. And my ‘already gardening followers’, what do you recommend for me in the way of propagation? But bare in mind it has to be hardy to survive up here.

Oh! I just remembered! It was the curly kale I grew from seed first! I ended up with lots of plants, that I then gave away to friends. What a marvellous crop I had that season!

Ps. I’m waiting for suggestions.

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  1. phildelmundo says:

    It really is a magical process in all respects, isnt it?!?! Small, dry, inert little orb breaks open and a cotyledon appears?????!!!!!!
    I tried some East Angelia Hollyhock seeds – of 15, only 5 germinated and grew well all summer but never flowered –
    Hopefully s better result upcoming in spring .
    Cheers , stay warm 👍🏼


    1. ezandman says:

      Phil, I have only just managed to approve your comment! Sorry! What colour were your hollyhocks? Please share a photo her or on FB if you have any. I have lots that are overwintering in the poly tunnel which I am hoping to repot tomorrow. But…they are HARDY! The almost didn’t stop growing all winter!!


  2. Tina Rust says:

    I have grown from seed red banana plants and they are on there second year and now I have four which is great. Along with the green banana plants I already have.


    1. ezandman says:

      Hello Tina. Wow! Fantastic results! Did they need stratification or is it quite straight forward? Well done you. xx


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