Planting combinations 2.

Garden in the winter need not be boring. Oh no!

evergreens 2

Evergreens may seem like a very “samey” thing to grow. One might think, green is boring and monotonous but, crickey! No! Just look at the range of “green” in my container. Ok, there is some yellow and blueish but let’s not be pernickety. These guys are all called ever”green” plants. Buxus sempervirens, Festuca glauca, Taxus baccata “Icicle” and Euonymus japonicus. Great to have them to look at in the depths of Winter. In fact I shall grow more!! More of everything!! I need a bigger garden!!! Aaaaa…. Bet you’ve been there before?:-)

PS. And what evergreens do you grow in your garden my dear follower???


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  1. phildelmundo says:

    It’s super impressive that you grow anything, given your naturally harsh (but beautiful) winters in Skye- these winter beauties certainly are pretty and interesting for evergreens .


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