You guys are my favourite:-)

To all of my very first followers!

Thank you, thank you and thank you again:-) for clicking that “FOLLOW” button of my gardening blog. It really makes me happy and grateful. I just hope that now you will stick with me. I try not to bore you and keep the content fresh and as relevant as I can. Any interaction is very welcome, so stay in touch. Merry Crimbo for now and I hope to hear from you sometime.



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  1. Phil Tillotson says:

    so, with Skye weather pretty harsh and cold for next months- are you keeping flowering varieties going and flowering, overwintering, or something else entirely?
    Great photos as expected!


    1. ezandman says:

      Hi Mr T:-), luckily I have the polytunnel to keep anything tender there but I have my two small Strelitzia reginae (Birds of Paradise) plants at home on the south facing windowsill. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them when and if they get bigger next year! I’ll need a conservatory:-) Thanks for the complement :). These Livingstone daisies just ask to be photographed! They are amazing. x

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