Fun with seeds.

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The world of plants never ceases to amaze me! Whenever I discover a new seed head on a plant it’s like I just found out the secret of life!  The story with this one is that I firstly just wanted to dry this allium cristophii flower head for christmas and use it as decoration once sprayed with some silver or gold paint.

Also, it’s wonderful to enjoy the flowers in the garden but once the weather has turned a bit Autumnal, I picked a few of my alliums so they could last a bit longer indoors.

So I’ve been keeping this one flower head in a dry and dark place for it to dry well, not really thinking that, of course, it has to produce some seed, and to my utter surprise, it did! I happened to glance at it a few days ago and here we had, the small seed pod opened, revealing the few lovely, black speck.

Alliums can be successfully grown from seed, with a lot of patience, so I am now waiting to see what happens in my propagator.


When the plant was in full flower, I was surprised just how well, taking it’s height, it did in our Skye garden. It’s a rather open site with little protection from the winds. It’s tall, slender build made it sway in the wind and maybe because that “long leaver” it didn’t get broken by the strong gusts. I can see how planting a few alliums in a group would look fantastic and it adds a dynamic element to the garden with it’s movement.

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  1. Louise says:

    Some lovely plants Eva; really looking ALIVE blowing in the breeze😁


    1. ezandman says:

      Well put Louise:-), thanks a lot.x


  2. Meg Rosher says:

    That is very beautiful and inspiring Eva!
    I shall it on to others. Hope to be able to come and see your beautiful garden. Xx


    1. ezandman says:

      Many thanks Meg:-), it’s nice for me to share it, that is all:-). Do visit when the garden is back up and running in the Spring. x


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