Planting combinations 1.

Surprisingly, it is possible to combine your flowers wrong. Yes it is.

The colour theory is a very useful tool when placing different plants together. Opposing colours often work brilliantly, but, gee! Experiment, right? For me, as a beginner, basically, less is more. It’s easier to learn about colours when you start with just one or two.  Once you chose the colour, you then have other things to think about. The foliage, it’s form and texture and the same with the flower. And let’s not forget to make sure that we know, when the plants we chose, flower, and how long for. In this case, I kept the geum and the calendula flowering for the same amount of time, till late October by deadheading both on regular basis. They really did look so well together. Fell free to try this combination in your garden next year. Geums are widely popular and will also be available from my Delonix Nursery in the Spring as well as the calendulas. You can pre-order by getting in touch via the contact page.cropped-mg_0018.jpg

And which colour would you choose to go with orange??

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  1. kinetikat says:

    I would probably choose a jewel-blue geranium to go with the orange calendula. 🙂


    1. ezandman says:

      Awwww, lovely, a mound of loveliness! 🙂 thank you Kinetikat!x


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